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Welcome to our website where we are confident that we are the Right Choice for Replacement Windows, Sliding Doors and More. We are so confident that you have found the best company in Northern Colorado and know that you will love the windows and doors that you put in your home.

That’s right; our Fort Collins Window Replacement service is so exceptional, and our cost of new windows and doors is so competitive that our satisfied customers spread the word of the best window replacement company in Colorado faster than a viral YouTube video of a talking dog.

Whether it’s time for replacement windows or doors our company has what it takes to save you money, brighten your life, and keep your family safe. We are able to provide each of these benefits while increasing the value of your greatest asset.

Are you looking for Replacement Windows? Read This First

According to HomeAdvisor, 25% of the costs for heating and cooling your home comes from the energy lost through your windows.  Choosing the right replacement window for your home is not just about beautifying your home, although everyone agrees that a home with new windows looks more appealing than a home with old windows and new paint.  

Carefully considering which type of window is right for your home could save you thousands of dollars in energy costs while increasing the resale value of your home.  Our affordable Fort Collins window installation prices ensure that you recoup your investment even faster.


We offer services to the Fort Collins area, providing window and door services with an eye for the smallest details and an ear to listen to and fulfill your desires to the maximum.

Window Materials

The cost of new windows, the energy efficiency of those same new windows, who is going to be installing these windows, and the ultimate durability of the windows.

Window Types

There are many types of windows out there available for your home’s window installation. We help you decide on exactly what type of window to put in your Colorado home.


We offer the best in the installation of a variety of door types, including standard entry doors, storm doors, sliding doors, French doors and many others.

Are you ready to upgrade your Fort Collins home with New Windows and Doors?

Our team of experienced installers are capable of tackling most any window replacement projects you throw at us. Whether you need replacement windows to match your fiberglass, wood, or vinyl double hung windows, or you need help analyzing the features and benefits of casement windows vs. sliding windows vs. double hung windows, our highly-trained window installation professionals will walk you through the process.   This even include choosing the right window all the way to proper cleaning and care of your new windows.  
You can learn a lot just by perusing this website, but a quick call to Fort Collins Windows & Doors will ensure that you have the help of an experienced window replacement expert from the start to the finish of your new window replacement project. 
Our experts do more than just measure your windows.  Of course, we can help you understand the different sunlight blocking qualities of the choice of glass to be put in your new window, helping you find the perfect balance between protection from the harmful effects of UV rays and the rejuvenating power of sunlight, but we can also guide you on the best casement material for your application. 
You can spend an inordinate amount of time online trying to filter as much information as you can about Low-E glass, argon, window spacing, and window construction techniques until you become a window replacement expert, or you can save yourself a lot of time by allowing our replacement window experts to filter out the junk for you. 
We are recognized as the top window replacement company in Fort Collins because we train our professionals on the latest industry strategies and technologies so they can work with you to give you all the information you need to make the most practical and efficient decision for your home. It is our goal not to overload you with meaningless facts about new windows that just aren’t factors in your decision making process. 
If you would like to talk to a friendly, non-pushy window installation professional today, call Fort Collins Windows & Doors right now.  If you still want to do more research on your own, keep reading.

Guaranteed Satisfaction on your Fort Collins Window and Door Replacements and Installation

Choosing the Best Replacement Window for Your Needs

There are many types, styles, and construction features available for your Fort Collins replacement windows, and you can mix and match from these categories to develop a virtually unlimited number of particular windows. 
We will cover the most common here, but our experience installing replacement windows for happy customers all over Colorado gives us an edge in helping choose the best new windows for homes across the entire state. 
Double Paned Windows are the Best Value
There is no doubt that there are tons of replacement window options for your home, and we don’t advocate a cookie-cutter approach to your unique situation, but by and large, all other factors being even, double paned, double hung windows are the best value in any home, in any state.  Period.  Now, we love all types of windows (and doors), and cherish the opportunity to help you bring the beautiful scenery of Colorado into your home while protecting your property from the sometimes harsh elements.
We will work hard to be your Fort Collins Window Replacement company of choice regardless of which type of window you prefer. Having made it thus far down this page, we know you must be the type of buyer who wants to know as much as possible about what they are purchasing before calling for a free consultation. 
With that in mind, please allow us to give you a little insight into why we believe double paned, double hung windows are nearly always the best choice for new windows.
In case you don’t know, double hung windows are specialty windows which can be either raised or lowered and can be “folded” inward so that you can easily clean the outside of the window without ever going outside.
The construction makes them so light that cleaning is effortless for one person.  Imagine cleaning all of your windows in the dead of winter in minutes without ever leaving the cozy warmth of our home.  Once you experience the wonders of double hung windows, it will be the first thing you check on any new home you consider buying. 
Yes, people do love them that much!
We have already pointed out how the energy savings from new double paned windows can quickly offset the cost of new windows, but according to Homeadvisor.com, there are other reasons to consider double paned windows. 
For instance, using less energy to heat or cool your home is not only great for your wallet, but it’s also a homerun for the environment! 
Having the privilege of living in such a beautiful part of the world makes it easy to appreciate the benefits of leaving a smaller footprint on our environment.  You can also choose new windows which have cutting edge technologies incorporated right into the glass to increase the energy efficiency even more than the standard double hung windows.  
Aside from saving you tons of money and reducing air pollution, there is another kind of pollution which is drastically reduced by completing your new window installation with double paned, double hung windows – NOISE POLLUTION! 
Now, your new energy efficient windows won’t fix the muffler on your neighbor’s truck or magically turn your children’s regulation NBA basketball into a silent Nerf basketball, but when you are inside enjoying your fireside nap on a Sunday afternoon, your double paned windows will be hard at work defending your private space from unwanted attacks by outside noise.
Window Installation – Quality is Everything
When you are looking for new windows for your house while it’s under construction or for replacement windows to upgrade your current home, the quality of work of your window company is a primary factor in determining whether your new windows will deliver the performance and energy savings you desire. 
Poorly manufactured products can defeat the purpose of the smart energy efficient designs of your new windows.  Also, even the highest quality manufactured products will be pointless if the installation is poor quality.  That’s why we suggest that you call to meet with our window replacement expert to see for yourself.
Replacement Doors
When you are searching for door replacement contractors in Fort Collins who can handle all of your needs, we hope you give Fort Collins Windows & Doors an opportunity to compete for your business.
We take every door installation seriously, and with extensive experience installing French doors, sliding glass doors and have the experience and expertise to ensure that your door installation project enhances your hope and protects your family.
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Fort Collins Windows & Doors is the recognized leader for window replacement and door replacement in the following areas:  Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Longmont, Berthoud, Johnstown, Eaton, Severance, Bellvue, Wellington, Laporte, Red Feather Lakes, Mead, Lucerne, Evans, Garden City, Masonville, Milliken, Kelim, Campion, Platteville, Hygiene in Colorado, as well as Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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