Custom Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins Custom Window Replacements

When we talk about custom windows, quite a few of our Northern Colorado customers ask ‘what do you mean, aren’t all windows custom?’

Technically, yes, but we don’t think of your normal casement or double hung window that is installed every day in a home to be custom. We aren’t talking about some normal fixed window that replaces another older window.

When we talk about custom windows, we’re alluding to out of the ordinary. Specialty shaped. Large. Small. Basically any different window that isn’t just a typical window that you would install in any home.

To us, custom windows mean creating something that is so completely different than the norm, and that every home does not have.

You may be asking yourself – ‘Why don’t we just install stock windows in our home to save money or exchange currency‘?

Because stock windows aren’t fit for your home. Pretty plain and simple.

Take a look at your current windows. One thing you will notice is that they are a different size than any other window out there on the market. Most windows are that way because no two homes are built the same. Even if you are living in a large community of homes that were all built by the same builder, chances are that you have windows that are a different size than your next door neighbor.

So, let’s discuss some benefits of custom windows:

  1. Fit to your home. This is obvious, but needs to be restated over and over. Custom windows are fit to your exact specifications, and are normally installed by the company who either ordered or manufactured them for you.
  2. Easier installation. Because you don’t have any additional construction within your home to fit your windows into a different space, the installation process is automatically easier for the technician.
  3. Many more options. Mostly from a design standpoint, you have the option of choosing many different window manufacturers who can build your windows to the exact specs of your window opening.
  4. They simply look better. Custom windows not only give your home the great aesthetic feel, but they will offer your guests a great view on the inside and outside of your home.
  5. Higher quality window. Most custom windows are built by superior craftsmen who have built thousands of custom windows over their lifetime.
  6. Personalized service and installation. You can certainly go to any window outlet, buy cheap windows, and install them yourself, but we consider that gambling. Unless you are an experienced carpenter we recommend you go with the pros.
  7. Better energy efficiency. This goes with #6 above, but the installation process is so important because if your windows aren’t installed correctly, your energy efficiency goes out the window.

Homeowners typically report between a 20-40% uptick in their energy efficiency when installing custom windows in their Fort Collins or Northern Colorado homes. Here at Fort Collins Windows & Doors, we offer you the very best windows as well as installation practices available. To learn more about custom fiberglass, vinyl, or wood windows, give us a call today at 970-372-5120.