Casement Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Casement Windows: They Feel Like Opening a Door to a New World

Casement windows out of every different kind of window installment are likely to be the oldest style if not the classiest of any new windows you will find while shopping for your home here in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Casement windows are the kind of window installment that you would reach out to open similar to a door.  You open it from a latch that would swing the window either right or left depending on which side of the window installment the hinge is on.  These replacement windows have changed over time, of course, adapting to the new age of window technology.  That way it can fit into any house hold today, but casement windows in its bare bones are still the same window installment. 

You Will Want to Spend All Day Just Opening, and Closing Your New Window

Your choice in new windows is purely by preference in this avenue although out of all of the different styles to choose from for your new windows this one requires the most space to open it in the environment around it. 

You will want to take careful consideration in this while making plans for your replacement windows in your home by looking for objects, or furniture that would get in the way of the window opening. 

Due to the way these windows open and close, this window installment is known to be the most energy efficient allowing for no gap for air to leak out. 

It is also out of the many styles of new windows the one that opens the widest.  If you are having a nice cool spring day, you will want some decent airflow through you home without turning every fan on high, and cranking up the air conditioning unit in your home.  These are the new windows that you will be grateful for choosing due to the fact that they open all of the way open to the complete width of the window installment. 

Security is a Must, So You’ll Love this Window!

If security is a major factor for you, which is for a lot of our customers that we hear from here in Fort Collins, Colorado, then this is the preferred style of window that you will want.  The locking mechanism for this window replacement is installed into the frame of the window which is where it is strongest. 

It’s extremely easy to open so if the placement in your window installation means having to reach over a table, or maybe some other piece of furniture then you’ll be thankful that it is. 

Great for children since the locking mechanism for your casement style new windows can easily be placed on the top of the frame higher out of the reach of smaller children so they can’t open the window. 

We know all of this about windows, and about doors so that our customers here in Fort Collins, Colorado don’t have to, so call us now at Fort Collins Windows & Doors so we can talk to you about your window options today. 970-372-5120