Specialty-Shaped Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

When you look at windows, you almost always see the same thing: rectangular shape and simple frames. For good reason, because rectangle windows are the most common and easy to manufacture of any window type.
But what if you need something different?

Fort Collins Windows & Doors is THE leading specialty shaped window provider in Northern Colorado. What do we mean by “specialty” windows? These are windows that are shaped in any way other than the norm. This could be circles, hexagons, octagons, diamonds, triangles, and much more. The primary reason for these types of windows is for aesthetic, as a specialty shaped window gives the proper feng shui to any room in the house. Many high-end homes and custom homes have custom windows or specialty shaped windows to improve the aesthetic of the home on the whole.

No matter what you are looking for, Fort Collins Windows & Doors has the answer. Custom shapes and standard shapes alike, we are able to properly and accurately determine the exact specifications of your specialty shaped windows and how they will fit into your home. If you are looking to remodel standard rectangular windows into custom shapes, we have the contractors to help with the framing and remodeling, as well as setting the window into the structure.

Custom windows can add that little extra to a room that you just don’t see in other homes. When you have guests over, they will be sure to notice new, beautiful custom shape windows. Not only this, but special shaped windows can add a lot of resale value to the home, since they add a lot of aesthetic value. Specialty windows can come in either single pane, or multiple panes for energy efficiency, which we all know is extremely important here in Colorado!

Curb appeal, a better view, and making your home YOUR home are all good reasons to add specialty shaped windows to your Colorado home. Contact Fort Collins Windows & Doors today at 970-372-5120 for a free consultation, and we look forward to helping you with all of your window replacement needs!