Fiberglass Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Fiberglass, the Rising Champion of New Windows

​As a company that does a lot of replacement windows, fiberglass windows used only to take up a very small fraction of the typical window replacement that would be done in a home. 

Now today though they’re beginning to catch fire with their new found popularity in window installation.  If you live in Fort Collins, and you don’t mind spending a little extra of your hard earned money on your replacement windows for a much better quality of window, then fiberglass is the way to go.  Since fiberglass is entirely made of a synthetic material, it doesn’t suffer from the contracting or expanding that wood or vinyl have to deal with.

A Window Installation Tough Enough To Make You Believe It’s Made of Brick

This means your new windows still function like new windows until the day you sell your home which can give you return on your extra investment in the long run, and put fiberglass windows as a selling point on the listing. 

Having a very strong and durable window is quite important because you want to get every bit of quality, per every single penny of the money that you earn at your job here in Fort Collins, Colorado, and we want to help you make the choice in doing so. 

Fiberglass is stronger than a vinyl window and infinitely stronger than a wooden window installed by a window company.  In any place where there can be unfavorable weather conditions you would feel much more comfortable with spending that extra money for a fiberglass window installation in your home than any other since it is practically invincible to any, and all weather conditions except a flying cow! 

More Reasons to Love Fiberglass as a Choice for New House Windows

Here at Fort Collins Windows & Doors, we ensure the best quality in which ever choice in new windows you decide to go with so call us today to get window installation in either your new home, or current home to get the best of quality, and in service.
Fiberglass windows are also great for our window installation customers who like to change up their home a bit from time to time with more interior decorating without having to buy new windows, or putting a lot more work than necessary to repaint your current ones. 

You can paint over any old existing paint that you may have a place on your current replacement windows before changing your mind, and paint it a new color to match your current interior decoration. 

Another plus is that in comparison to a vinyl window installation, and a wood window installation, there is absolutely no maintenance that needs to be done to them. This can leave you with one less thing to worry about when getting into the idea of the costly annual maintenance that you must do with your home.

Our Promise as a Trustworthy Window Company 

We wouldn’t sell any replacement windows if we didn’t trust them ourselves.