Energy-Efficient Windows | Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Being Energy Efficient is Also Being Cost Efficient

​In this economy energy efficiency is very important, and one of the best investments you can make in a home for remodeling is installing new windows.  Not only will the right new windows in your beloved home save you money, but it will also in a little way help the environment by wasting less of our energy which always makes you feel good. 

We find that a vast number of our customers here at Fort Collins Windows & Doors come to us to get new windows for the very sake of keeping a better insulated home which in turn leads to better energy efficiency. 

With this being true about windows, then why wouldn’t you leave the best window replacement be done by the best window replacement company in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Typically, in the world of window installation, the most energy efficient window you can find is also the most expensive window installation you can find. What any other window company will keep from telling you is that just because it is the most expensive doesn’t mean it is the perfect choice for you. 

How You Will Know We Did Better Than the Competing Window Company?

Energy efficiency in a replacement window is about the heat retention in the glass, how air tight the window is, and the facts and statistical information.  This is listed on the specific pane of glass which will be rated on the Energy Star Sticker placed on the glass. 

The majority of the energy efficiency of a window installation is determined by the frame used when the new windows are installed.  Vinyl isn’t bad, but as far as the efficiency per dollar ratio wood is better out of the two, but has the potential for wood rot.  Fiber glass does the best job in energy efficiency lasting forever while it’s at it, but for a very hefty price. 

We know this better than any other competing window company, and not only with the quality of our replacement windows.  With our team of highly professional window installation specialists, we will help you calculate with our trained knowledge exactly what you need for your situation.  Get in contact with us soon to find out more about why our window company is better, and how we will help you.

We Want Your Tax Dollars to Do What They’re Paid to Do 

The United States government has even taken a step in to help convince people to be more energy efficient when getting a window replacement.  If your new windows meet some very particular criteria, and guide lines. 

The government, or more specifically the IRS, will make you eligible for some federal tax credits.  If you throw in tax credits on top of the calculations for the return investment on your new windows, you may just get the money back that you paid for your window installation a lot sooner than you would think! 

Adding value to your home is extremely important, and that’s just what new windows can do. Go ahead and get a home valuation and ask how much value you can get from new windows. We bet you will be surprised by the answer.

We know that his can be quite brain melting, and sound very confusing.  That’s why Fort Collins Windows & Doors is here to help you out, so you don’t have to do all of that research.  We want to deal with all of that worry, and pain of buying new windows yourself let the professionals handle it!