Double Hung Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Double Hung Windows are Everywhere for Good Reason!

​A double hung window is by far the most common style of window installation in any home.  It is very likely that you’ve either seen or looked out of a double hung window at some point in your life. 

If you are not aware, a double hung window installation is a vertical window with two separate panes of glass in which the bottom plane of glass slides upward, and the top plane of glass slides downward.  It has a latch in between the two for the option of locking. 

A double hung window is the kind of window that will happily fit into any home whether it is a new home or old Victorian style home fitting in where ever you feel like putting it.  They usually only open in about half of the height of the window installation in its entirety meaning the airflow for it is fairly minimal in comparison to getting a casement style window replacement.

We Love the Latest in Double Hung Window, So Let’s Explain Why 

A double hung window due to how it opens it requires a natural gap in between the top plane of glass and the bottom along its tracks isn’t a perfect seal.  With this in mind, we make certain to pick the best parts so your double hung window will be more energy efficient than any other double hung window on the market.

Since they weren’t previously made with the idea of energy efficiency, if you have an old double hung window installation the best thing you could do as far as energy efficiency is to get a new one.  With a call, we will have one of our window replacement professionals come in, and get you on your way to getting some nice replacement windows for your home here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A very good advantage of a double hung window is that they are very easy to clean in comparison to a different style window installation like a single hung window, sliding window, or some other kinds of windows. 

With both the top section of the window, and the bottom section of the window being able to move you can clean the outside of them.  This way you don’t have to go outside of your house with a ladder in the case that you have your double hung style new windows on the second floor of your home. 

The double hung window can give you some wiggle room with the idea of which kind of ventilation you want for your home.  You can decide with this window whether you want the top half of your double hung window open or the bottom part of your double hung window open.

We Can Be There as Soon as Possible! 

If a double hung window is the kind of window that sounds like something you would like to have in your home here in Fort Collins, Colorado, then give us a call one of our best window replacement specialists will give you an idea of what the cost of new windows will be for you.