Sliding Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Sliding Windows, It’s Like Getting a New Wide Screen TV!

​Sliding windows are very similar to a double hung window installation in the sense that the sliding style window installation is the horizontal version of a double hung window.  With this in mind, that means unless obstructed by furniture you can clean both the inside of your new windows and the outside of them as well quite easily.

Sliding windows are fairly popular, but also tend to be a bit more expensive when it comes to finding nice replacement windows to replace your old sliding windows.  It may also be a bit more expensive if you are getting sliding windows as a window replacement to a different style of window.  This is because the holes in the walls of your home are different sizes and shapes entirely. 

While the cost of new windows tends to be fairly high while shopping for sliding windows, our window company Fort Collins Windows & Doors finds it the perfect point to look at the competing window replacement services, and give you a much better deal!

You Wouldn’t Put a Hole in Your Wall Unless You Wanted to See Outside

If you like having a nice wide view of the world outside though as opposed to a narrow view similar to another style of window like the double hung window for example, then the sliding windows may be the perfect new windows for you. 

The intention of a window is not only to let light in, give you the option of great airflow in your home, but also most importantly is so you can get a nice amazing unobstructed view of the outside world from your home in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

To do that there is no better option in new windows than to get yourself some nice sliding windows so you can begin getting a better view of Colorado from your home today.  The entire window doesn’t open up similar to a casement window would.  It’s even better with the nature of the sliding window being much wider than a casement window, or double hung window.  It creates a great compromise for airflow if you prefer the appearance of the sliding window. 

We Take Great New Windows, and Make Sure They’re Perfect

With the sliding window being a horizontal window installation it is imperative that the tracks that the windows slide on, and other mechanisms for your new windows function better than any other in the market.  You don’t want to have to fight your window every time just to slide it open or closed. 

Our team checks all of their inventory as it comes in, and our window replacement specialists ensure to test your window installation thoroughly before we leave after your installation to make certain that you never have a bad experience either opening or closing your new windows from the first time you open your new windows all the way to the very last time you open them. 

Sliding windows are pretty fantastic, and if you agree it sounds like the perfect window for you, then call us right now to get a better idea of what the cost of new windows will be for you.