New Window Install & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Your Go-To Company for Installing New Windows

 We can all agree that windows are an important and useful feature of a home.  Imagine living in a place that didn’t have any windows- pretty dark and depressing, right?  Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing home, or your old window frames are damaged or deteriorated, Fort Collins Windows & Doors will provide you with high quality new home windows.
New Construction Window Installation
New windows are used when a home is being built, your home is having an addition built on, you are replacing your exterior siding and need new windows at the time, or your current window frames or studs are damaged by mold, rot, or other factors. 
A new construction window is different from a replacement window because it has an extra component called a nail fin frame that attaches directly to the frame and can only be installed if the studs around the frame are exposed.  Because we are experts in window installation, Fort Collins Windows & Doors will be able to determine if you are in need of new home windows or replacement windows. 
Give us a call for a consultation and we will have your new windows in no time at all!
Our New Home Windows are Top of the Line
New home windows can be constructed to fit any design specifications you may need, allowing you to be creative with the exterior look of your home.  Just like other home products, the newer the windows, the more features and enhancements you will see. 
From double hung windows that are easy to open and easy to clean, to energy saving glass inserts, to the top of the line materials and fabrications, we’ve got you covered.  Let one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives help you choose the best new windows for your home.
Experts in Installing New Windows
If you decide on new window installation for your home, our expert window installers will demonstrate how sturdy and secure they are.  We typically fasten the nail fin frame to the studs around the window, install a moisture barrier around the window, and top it off with flashing tape to ensure the best seal possible around the window. 
You won’t have to worry about cold air, water, or snow leaking into your home ever again after Fort Collins Windows & Doors is done with your home!
Affordable New Home Windows
If you’re sold on the idea of new home windows, you may be wondering about the cost of new windows and the window installation process.  We offer competitive prices on all of our new home window services and will be able to help you find options to fit any budget. 
Our expert window installers are reliable and hardworking and will work quickly on installing new windows in your home.  So if you’re worried about a long, drawn out process that leaves your home exposed to the elements for lengthy periods of time, that is not how we do things at Fort Collins Windows & Doors. 
We pride ourselves on being the best window and door replacement company in Fort Collins and surrounding cities.  We want to help you transform the look of your home, improve the energy efficiency, and reduce your maintenance jobs by installing new windows to protect you from the harsh Colorado winters.