Awning Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Where do you normally see Awning Windows? Bathrooms are the most popular place for them, as the ability to slightly open while maintaining your privacy is a bonus for homeowners. Another popular place for them is in an office, where builders can install awning windows a bit higher to allow heat to escape during the hot summer months. The benefit of this type of window is the functionality it gives a home or building owner.

Awning windows offer many advantages for homeowners. First, they allow great ventilation to come in throughout a home or business. Second, they can be placed high up on walls or low enough so that critical wall space used for art or other wall hangings are not compromised.

Another advantage of awning windows, like we mentioned above, is the privacy they bring. This type of window can be cracked ever so slightly, allowing air in while keeping the inside of your home or office still very private.

Lastly, because of the way the sashes open, awning windows are perfect for when it’s raining. With the sashes open, raindrops will not be able to sneak in like they would with double hung windows, casement windows, or other sash opening windows.

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