Do You Have a Woody Woodpecker?

When you look at the windows of your precious home from the outside, do you sometimes wonder if our little beloved friend from 1940, Woody Woodpecker has paid your windows a visit?
If so, chances are that it is not Woody Woodpecker, rather due to a variety of circumstances you are suffering from rotting wood around your windows.  Trust us, we know the feeling of seeing this for the first time. You cringe just at the site of it, and worst of all, most people have no clue as to how it happened or better yet, how they can fix it.
Well today is your lucky day, because in this weeks article we are going to give a 3 powerful tips for rectifying this issue.
Tip #1: Put on a New Coat
When was the last time you broke out that painting coverall and got it dirty?  If it has been longer than 5 years, then you are running the risk of experiencing rotting  wood windows on your home.  By adding a fresh coat of paint every 5-6 years you will protect the wood from rotting, while also bolstering the appearance of your home.  Oh, be sure to prime your wood.  It’s makes all the difference in the world.
Tip #2: Can’t Stop the Rain?
Missy Elliott said it best-“I Can’t Stop the Rain”, and neither can you.  That means your windows will be exposed to Colorado’s harsh winters and occasionally wet summers.  In order for your windows to have a chance at surviving these conditions you will need to have a proper drainage system to allow the wood to breath.  Ensure that extra water from gutters and such are not providing further moisture than necessary.  We know, we know…this is a no brainer.   
Tip #3: Get the Real Deal Holyfield
What, are boxing now? Nope. But what we mean by telling you to get the Real Deal Holyfield is that the best way to prevent rotting in the future is by replacing the current wood around your windows with wood that is resistant to rotting. When you have the “Real Deal” you no longer have to take some of the tedious steps as mentioned above. Get the real deal and rest assured that you never have to worry about your windows rotting.
Need help with finding the Real Deal?  No problem. The Fort Collins Windows and Door team would happy to install the wood windows of your dreams.
We look forward to seeing you again real soon.  Be sure to give Woody a click as we are sure that you will be tickled as you reminisce on his distinct, classic laugh.

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