Investing in your Investment Property with New Windows

Greetings again Northern Colorado homeowners.

As we are all well aware, the housing market in Northern Colorado is booming, and many homeowners and investors are flipping houses to make some serious money. Investing in real estate is its own beast, with its own pitfalls – but what we are concerned about is the actual process of improving an investment property and preparing it for sale.

It’s pretty obvious that one of the most important steps of flipping a house is renovation and home remodeling. Being an owner of an investment property is a good place to be in right now, as you can likely sell for much more than the value that you bought at. Having an investment property that is doing nothing for you is like having lost car keys in that you have a huge asset that is doing nothing for you. Being active with an investment property is paramount! You’d be surprised how investing money into renovating a home can return your value…and then some.

Flooring, roofing, cabinets, fixtures, and paint are all important aspects of a home remodel. But you know what gets left behind? Home windows and doors.

According to most home investment advisers and real estate experts, you can recoup anywhere between 80%-120% of the value of your investment in home windows. In Colorado, it tends to be on the high end of this spectrum because of the cold weather climate, where new energy-efficient windows make a much larger difference than in hot climates. In addition, when a real estate market is booming, home improvements return much more than the investment put into them. Put these two factors together, and getting new replacement windows for an investment property in Northern Colorado is a no-brainer.

Thank you for visiting Fort Collins Windows & Doors, and give us a call at 970-372-5120 today if you’d like to get started on affordable window replacement!

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