Guess Who’s Back

As I was perusing my local hardware store today I happened to take a quick glance up at one of their new promotional displays.  Soon after my eyes focused on the products on the display my face dropped and a thought ran through my head that could only be served justice by watching this lil’ fella below…

Yes, I was in shock to see snow blowers already filling the shelves of this store.  I thought we were supposed to be in the dog days of August? Well, I guess its safe to say that times have change, and if The Home Depot says that we should begin preparing the for the upcoming winter months, then who am I to judge. 

With that said we thought it would be a great time to give you the tools and resources to take care of a common problems or nuances that occur in homes across Fort Collins every winter.  The problem that we speak of today would be the issue of having cold air seeping through your windows.  While we at Fort Collins Windows & Doors pride ourselves on installing windows that are virtually impenetrable by winter’s wind, we understand that purchasing all new windows for your home may not feasible for everyone at this time.  If you had to wrap up in your blanket extra tight last winter because your windows couldn’t keep “The Hawk” out, then follow these quick and easy this year so you and your loved ones remain nice and warm all winter long.

Step 1: Visit your local hardware store (or Wal-mart if all else fails) and pick up a window insulation kit.  A company called Frost King makes the most common and trusted brand.

Step 2: Grab your accessories. To complete this job you will need a hair dryer, scissors, and packing tape.

Step 3: Bonus Tip: Add Bubble Wrap (not the stuff left over from your birthday present).  Adding bubble wrap in front of your insulation film give you another line of defense against cold air.  It will cost you a few more dollars, but on February 11th you’ll be thanking me.

Step 4: Time to install.   For lack of redundancy we’ll spare you every detailed step for installing the film. After all, you’re going to read the instructions again on your Frost King window kit.

Just be sure not to forget the bubble wrap. 

The beautiful thing about this process is that it is simple and can be set up effortlessly in every room throughout your house. 

Thanks again for stopping by our blog. We hope you found it to be informational as well as a little entertaining. 

Come back soon!

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