I Need a Boost: Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home


If I were a betting man, I’d be willing to bet that after the honeymoon phase wears off of the purchase of your new home, your next great concern or focus as a homeowner is how to increase the value of your home.  It is certainly one of the hottest topics in real estate, yet there doesn’t seem to be one magical blueprint for making this happen in every situation.  Just do a quick Google search yourself, and you will see every expert’s top 50 ways to boost the value of your home.  That’s fine and dandy and all, but when you work 50 hours per week and have a family, chances are next to none that any of that top 50 list is going to realistically get done.

After perusing through several of these “guru” lists I was able to deduce the most common and practical areas of your home that can really add value to your property.  The common theme of all of these lists begins and ends with upgrading your kitchen.  This strategy actually makes sense considering that after a bedroom, the kitchen is the most utilized room in the home.  Upgrading your kitchen can give a house a new feel, and can quickly give an old outdated home, a new modern feel.  Some of the ways that you can upgrade your kitchen are remodeling the countertops, adding hardwood floors, upgrading appliances, installing new windows, and even adding a patio door that perhaps leads out to a deck.  

Upgrading your appliances and countertops can be quite expensive, so if you’re budget is a little smaller to begin with, we recommend looking into upgrading your windows which will allow you to capitalize on the natural sunlight by your home, thus giving a new look and feel to your kitchen.  Once you have made this seemingly, small improvement, you will want to keep the project moving by investing in some of the more higher ticketed items listed above.    When looking to add value to your home, start with the kitchen first. Not only will it add value, it will also give the central hub of your home a new modern feel that everyone will enjoy. 

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