How to make your House feel like riding in a limo

Yes, you read that right.  Today’s article from Fort Collins Windows and Doors is all about how homeowners can turn their homes into pimped out rides just like a limo. 

Now that you are on board (or perhaps not) with the idea of “Pimpin’ Your House”, let’s go ahead and discuss why this concept is not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, when this article concludes, we think you’ll be calling us at 970-372-5120 to schedule a free consultation. 


​If you are like most middle class Americans, you have most likely had the distinct opportunity of riding in a limousine whether it be for prom, wedding, or anniversary.  Riding in a limousine gives a person a feeling of elite status and prestige as you are in sense, mysteriously transported from one destination to another.  What is it about riding in limousines that makes it special event in its own right on that special night?

The most distinct characteristic of a limousine, particularly a stretched model, is undoubtedly the extended length of the vehicle.  Who can refuse to ride in a car that was cut in half and extended so that it could become legal to drink champagne and fine wine as you cruise the city. The other distinct characteristic of a limousine that sets it apart from your everyday vehicle are privacy tinted windows.  It’s just down right cool to be able to see the world from a vehicle while others have no idea who the important person in the car might be. In addition to providing privacy, tinted windows also regulate the temperature inside the car, making for a comfortable ride, especially during the summer months.   Many are unaware of this, but the same can be said for having custom windows that are tinted inside of your home. 

Window tinting installations in homes is on the rise because of the many benefits homeowners are experiencing.  For instance, are you interested in lowering your energy bills each month?  Thought you may be.  Well, one of the benefits of installing tinted windows is that you will reduce the amount of energy used by your home, thus lowering your bill.  Much like our state of the art replacement windows, tinted windows also serve as a security mechanism from your home.  Potential crooks will be deterred from targeting your home due to their inability to clearly see the layout or valuables in your home.  Last but not least, let’s not forget the cool factor of having tinted windows in your home. Make your house stand out amongst the rest on the block by adding this unique feature to your home.   

Finally convinced? Great! The first step in the process is to have your current windows evaluated and upgraded if needed. We specialize in replacement windows, offering a variety of styles fiberglass, wood, or vinyl.  Check out our contact page to schedule a free appointment with one of our professional installers.

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