Colorado – The real Sunshine State

For the average person, (average meaning those individuals living outside of the glorious state of Colorado) hearing the term or phrase “Sunshine State” automatically reminds them of the state of Florida who earned the nickname back in 1970.   Thanks to its white sandy beaches, lavish vacation towns, the city of Miami, and of course Disneyland, Florida has rightfully earned the reputation of being the state with the most sunshine in the United States of America.


​Each year Floridians boast of having over 230 days with sunshine while states like Oregon and Washington would be lucky to receive half of that.  Despite being in much closer proximity to Oregon and Washington there is one other state that has a fairly high success rate of bringing in the sunshine on a daily basis.  Chances are if you are reading this post that you are a resident of Colorado, the real sunshine state. And why do call it the real sunshine state, when common knowledge and factual evidence points out that it is Florida?  Perhaps it is because Colorado trumps Florida every year when it comes to both sunny and clear days.  In fact, Colorado gets approximately 300 days with at least one hour of sunshine a day per year. 

Ok, so what does this have to do with me as a homeowner? Living in the beautiful state of Colorado gives homeowners the opportunity to capitalize on all of the “extra” sunlight each day by adding natural light throughout their homes.  Fort Collins Windows & Doors offers a variety of custom window options such as sliding windowsbay and bow windows, and awning windows.  Each type will create a majestic experience in the room by utilizing the natural beauty given to us mother-nature.  How awesome would it be to walk into your warm, comfortable, and cozy home, yet still capture the beauty as though you were standing outside?  According to numerous of our customers, it’s pretty amazing, and we think that you will agree too. 

If you have been considering upgrading the windows in your home, please give us a call today at 970-372-5120 to schedule a no-hassle consultation with one of your experts.    

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