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Hello friends and Happy New Year to each of you.  As always, we would like to thank you for stopping by our blog today, and we will commit to doing our best to add a little value to your home improvement ambitions.
As you know the home building and remodeling industry is vastly growing, and each year there is a wave of new strategies and tactics that homeowners implement to do one of two things:
1.Save them money on their annual or monthly home expenses

2.Increase the market value of their home
After all, for most people their greatest investment and asset so we at Fort Collins Windows and Doors dutifully applaud such individuals for making the smart decision to invest back in their home. 
When we speak of investment, many automatically assume that this involves money. Well friends, while yes, things do cost money, many of the strategies that can improve one’s home can be done the weekend DIY’er with a quick trip to their local hardware store to snatch up a few supplies.  However, keep in mind that the greater the initial investment maybe often means the greater value in the long run.
In order to paint a clear and concise message we will focus on money saving strategies today, and share strategies for increasing the value of your home later this week.
Today, we are going to focus on some trends in home improvement that will help you save money on your monthly expenses in 2017 and beyond. 
Are you ready?  Let’s go.
Tip #1: Install a Whole House Fan
Now, if we were having this discussion in Phoenix, I’d authorize you to call me crazy and leave this blog right now. However, this is Northern Colorado so this is definitely a viable option for those who are committed to keeping more $$$ in your pocket this year.  I’ll have you know that a whole house fans only uses 10% of what a typical air conditioning unit does.  Going “green” is in and this move helps both the environment and your wallet. 
Tip #2:  Consider Window Replacement
Alright, alright, I know what you’re thinking. This is an obvious response from a window company.  Well, yes and no.  Window replacement is definitely not one of the “cheapest” options for improving your home, however, it is most certainly an investment that can save money every month of the year on your home’s energy bill.  Each of our custom window options are energy efficient and will also protect the value of your home.  Yes, the answer is a little bias, but when you put your long-term thinking caps on with us, we’re sure you agree.
Tip #3:  Install a Water Filtration System
Have you ever stopped and calculated the amount of money you spend each month on bottled water?  Each year Americans spend approximately $100 per person in the home on bottled water alone.  However, tap water (which we’re not recommending) is 2,000 times less expensive. So how do we provide a viable solution to this equation?  Water filtration!  Hop on Amazon get overwhelmed with options and you’ll be sure to find an option that will save you money in 2017 and beyond.
Thanks for stopping by today and if you are interested in learning more about option #2 give us a call today at 970-372-5120

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