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Welcome back to our blog here at Fort Collins Windows and Doors. We know that it has been a little while since we last spoke, but rest assured we have a few more golden nuggets to share with you before we put a bow on 2016. 

This week we are excited to discuss a topic that we have all experienced this, yet most have no idea how to fix. That would be those stubborn and sticky sliding doors that don’t move seamlessly back and forth on the track as they were designed to do.  

You know the feeling of frustration when you want to let little Charlie out back to handle his business, yet your door gets stuck and starts to tip back after retracting all of six inches.  You push and pull, push and pull only to final throw the entire thing off track, creating a bigger mess than already existed.  Oh, and Charlie decided that he’d had enough of waiting for you to finish your fight with the door, so he handled business right there in the living room.  

Yep, we’ve been there too, but fortunately for you today we are going to give you 3 preventative maintenance tips to keep you out of the dreaded situation. 

Tip #1-Get Your Groove On

If you journey down to the bottom of your door you will likely identify a screw with a hole above, known as the access hole.  Below the screw you will see a groove which the rollers slide back and forth on.  Over time the weight of the door compresses the grooves and this can be reversed simply sticking a screwdriver in the access hole and turning it clockwise.  Just a couple of rotations will give the rollers a little more breathing and help provide a smooth slide on the track. 

Tip #2-Get Rid of the Dust

The majority of sticky doors will be fixed with the first solution, however, if your door still wants to be stubborn, your next amateur solution if to clean out the door track. Now this involves more than grabbing the nozzle on the vacuum cleaner and giving it a couple of strokes.  Before grabbing a vacuum, first grab a wire brush, and if you are above 40, a pair of kneepads.  Thoroughly scrape the entire track area and ensure to get up as much grime as possible. Once done grab the vacuum and clean up the mess, then hopefully your door will be back in business. 

Tip #3-Replace Your Roller Assembly

If the first two tips do not do the trick, chances are you have a faulty roller assembly.  Although this step will require much more manpower than the first, the good news is that you still do not have to call a professional at this point. Just hop in your car and head over to your local Joseph’s Hardware Store to pick up a new roller assembly kit.  You may want to grab a six pack on your back since this step will require you to take the door off and detach and attach the new rollers. 

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